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Bella Italia 2006: All Roads Lead To Rome
By Darlene Ford

Bella Italia 2007: A Self Defining Trip
By Liza A. Desir

Bella Italia 2008: A Dreamed Fulfilled
By Nina Colbertt

Bella Italia 2008: My Italian Getaway
(after you click, start reading from the bottom of the page)
By Bella Ashia

Riviera Noir 2008: French Opulence
by Debe Dean

Bella Italia 2009: Ciao Bella
By Noelle Miller

Bella Italia 2010: An "American Idol" in Italy
by Kinnik Sky

Roman Holiday 2011: Bella For Life!
by Tyrenna D. Tolbert

Amsterdam 2011: Boats, Bikes, and Balls ... Oh My!
by Tracy Askew

South Africa 2012 Revisited: What Real Housewives
of Atlanta could have been

by Fleace Weaver

April in Paris 2012: Travel + Makeup = Transformation, a la française
by Maureen Jenkins

Bella Italia 2012: Italy - Tears and Rediscovery
by Trudi Russell

South Africa 2015: Traveling Past Fear
by Simone Peterson

Bella Italia 2015: Letting Go!
by Mel Sunshine




Black and Married with Kids

Clutch #2

Strategic Alliances

Fleace Weaver: The New New Black Woman

Real Travel vs. Reality Travel


BET's Travelistas: La Dolce Vita

Excerpts in Don't Bring Home a White Boy

The Los Angeles Sentinel

Jet Magazine

Diva & Daugthers

Beauty Come Forth

Beyond Black & White

Bella Bootcamp

From Other Black Girl Travelers

That's Amore: An Open Letter
From Tasha

Enroute 2 Itay- Crossing the Ocean for Love
From Foxy Roxy

A Journey Through Egypt & The Middle East
From Veronica Hampton

Paris - Single in the City of Lights
From Cafe De La Soul

Shanghai~! Trip Report Part 1
From Claire

Bella Italia 2014
by Simone Peterson

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