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Shanghai~! Trip Report Part 1
By Claire

Somehow, "Shanghai" seems to warrant an exclamation point. It is city life on a mega scale. The "American Century" is definitely over~ this is what the future looks like. This country is producing the> only thing that keeps a drowsy American emperor awake: cheap goods. I have never seen so many super-skyscrapers (even the apartment buildings). The streets are always teeming (Shanghai's population is 14 million) with humanity, buses, cars, bicycles. Never have I seen so many "gimungus" electronic billboards, or every single space ( Read More)

Riviera Noir -- French Opulence
By Debe Dene

Bon Jour! If we got paid a nickel for every time we were greeted with the most common phrase to say hello in France, the entire trip would be paid for and then some! Fleace Weaver founder of Bella Italia, and soon to be launched has done it once again! Riviera Noir 2008, the first annual French Rivera tour was an experience to remember! A total of 22 beautiful ladies noir and Loren (a very debonair gentleman) completed the ensemble for this magnificent ( Read More)