SkyRestâ deflated and ready to pack. Since it is flexible, SkyRestâ can be folded and/or rolled into a variety of sizes and shapes to suit your needs.
BlackGirlTravel Tip: To Arrive Chic You Must Get Your Beauty Sleep!

As you can see, SkyRestâ, is unlike any other travel pillow!

Its patented design is one of the first to support the natural tendency of your head to tilt forward while sleeping. Its wedge shape will help you get comfortable by supporting your head and upper body which is the closes thing to your bed while sitting upright. With SkyRestâ simply lean forward, lay your head on it's soft top and wake up refreshed.

Because it's inflatable, SkyRestâ is easy to pack and carry on board. No need to worry about inflation or deflation either. SkyRestâ has a removable one-way valve that allows quick inflation and deflation. The world's first travel pillow designed for use in any kind of seat, SkyRestâ an inflatable wedge shaped pillow for sleeping in a reclined position, and SkyRestâ, a support pillow that can be used to support your legs, head or any other part of your body that may need some support. SkyRestâ can be used anywhere. However, the primary intended use for it is while sitting in a commercial airline seat.

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