BlackGirlTravel Tip: Know Before You Go!

First time traveling overseas or to a particular country? Not sure what you need? What book to read? What map to buy? Well... have no fear, BlackGirlTravel is here!

Introducing the new
BlackGirlTravel Packs!
All you need to experience a comfortable
journey and a fabulous vacation!

Each pack is customized for your destination. When you call simply mention your destination or BlackGirlTravel tour and we will do the rest. Each pack will include:

(1) SKYREST - An amazing pillow that blows up easily. Traveler can sleep facing forward onto the tray or use it as a comfortable foot rest. Learn more about this amazing pillow.

(1) CULTURE SMART - Important cultural book full of tips so you don't embarrass yourself or others.

(1) HIP GUIDE TO YOUR DESTINATION CITY - An all-inclusive book to get you prepared for the sights, logistics & nightlife

(1) MAP - A very detailed map to your destination city

(1) ADAPTER PLUG - You can't plug in your American electronics without it!

(1) ALARM CLOCK - Don't get left behind! Simple dial face alarm clock to make sure you're up on time everytime!

(1) EAGLE CREEK SAFE-STASH HIDE - Keeps your money and passport hidden securely near your chest away from pickpockets

(1) NO JET LAG - The name says it all. Why miss out on the fun because you're tired?

TOTAL $139 (plus shipping)

How to Purchase BG Travel Pack

Live in Los Angeles?
You can purchase your SkyRestâ at The Traveler's Bookcase, 8375 West Third Street
(just east of the Beverly Center) don't forget to mention To order by phone call 323-655-0575.

Store Hours
Monday - Saturday 10:00am - 6:00pm
Sunday 11:00am - 6pm


If you are using any heat generating devices such as curling irons, straighteners, or hair dryers you need this to convert the energy, otherwise you will blow up your device!

Carry-on approved set of 5 plastic bottles and plastic case to bring your lotions etc with you during the flight.

Woolite cleaner and clothing wire to clean your clothes while travelling.

TSA approved, keeps thieves out of your luggage

Easy to blow up pillow to relax or sleep while you're in flight.

All inclusive guide to the entire country and some history and fun alternative itineraries

Electronic language translator for 6 languages including Italian.

Mini dictionary and phrasebook so you can say "Amore" or "Amour" with style