Black Like Me
Black owned websites abroad

Amsterdam - Looking for a little soul in Amsterdam?

Afro European Sisters Network -

My Life in Barcelona

Berlin - Not Black owned but a great place for Black dance music in Berlin

Canada - A directory of Black Canada

China - For Africans and African Americans living in China

- A Jamica Sister that loves her country, and hopes one day in the near future to see it rise up to its fullest potential.

London - A Progressive Movement in London's Social Scene - Comprehensive guide of Black History Month in the UK. - - Some of the best Soulfood in London.



Paris - Offers the BEST of Black Paris and highlights the interests of the African American community in France - A link to Black Parisians - Need help deciding what to do while you're in Paris? For a nominal fee, Black Paris Tours will create your "Black Paris Passport".

Rome - These Brotha from the US has urban Rome on lock

Tokyo - The largest Black site in Tokyo

SistainTokyo - By a Sista from Alabama Living and Loving in Tokyo

Black Japan -

Saran Surviving Vienna - A Chicago native currently living in Vienna Austria.


Black Women in Europe
Black Girl in Prague
Seoul to Soul
A Black Girl in Buenos Aires
Seoul of Black Folks

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