Wednesday, May 31th 2017 - Depart the USA, book your own Flights.
Flight booking assistance starts in January 2017. A group flight option will also be offered starting in January. Flights are not included in the "ground" package. You should book your flight to arrive at Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport, also known as Denpasar International Airport by 2:00pm in order to take the group transfer bus to the hotel.

At desintation is know for taking you to the hidden cultural corners that many visitors never see or even know about. This tour will be no different. There will be many not listed added surprises and aha moments along the way. Our local guides are like family and will ensure that you visit to Bali far far from typical or cookier cutter.

From your first moments, you will understand why Bali is so magical. With white sand dusted coasts, sapphire seas, luscious fertile jungle and towering cliff-tops, Bali brims with culture, amazing nightlife, warm air, and welcoming people. Bali will definitely take your breath away. Trust that you will not want to leave!

Sanur Beach
Thursday, June 1st- Plan to arrive in Bali by 2:00pm. Look for the sign in the arrival hall, to meet Fleace and your local guide. Board the group private coach for your transfer to the hotel.

Friday, June 2nd

After breakfast, meetin the lobby for a scenic bike ride, think Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love. Cycling through the countryside will bring you up close and personal with friendly local people. Starting from view of Mt. Batur volcano at Kintamani, our knowledgeable guide will lead you to paddle your bicycle along flat land or downhill through the Balinese villages. This is the best way to learn about Balinese culture, tradition, way of life, as well as agriculture.

View Hanging Gardens, c.lose you eyes and get lost in the tranquil chants of exotic bird. This is one of those once in a lifetime experiences you will never forget! After the ride you will have time for lunch before heading back to the hotel for a little R&R before a special night on the town.

This evening to PARTY at a hot night club and celebrate our birthday girls. Let us eat cake! :) Grab your pumps and be ready to party until you DROP! lol

Elephant Safari

Saturday, June 3rd - Time to be a "dirty girl" as you take a ride on the wild side on an Elephant Back Safari. Enjoy the tranquility as the elephant ride includes a one of a kind elephant bath in the Mara River, one of the many highlights on the ride. After the ride, enjoy lunch before another wild ride! You know at BGT we never just stop!

Expect will be a pure adrenaline rush on our tandam ATV ride. Our last ride was BANANAS! The ladies did not want to leave. Zoom on the four quad bikes while enjoying the panorama of the village of Taro. Take turns driving as explore the push countryside. Return to the hotel for a well earn shower.

Contining with or wild theme for the day heading to Kuta beach, known for its rumbustious unrestrained night life that will be filled with full loving Australians. We will start with dinner at a well known beach bar restaurant before our bar crawl. The bars life goes until 5am. You may want to bring some NoDose or Emergen C for this night because KUTA is NO JOKE! Who can hang????

Cultural Cooking and Dancing

Saturday, June 4th - After breakfast, you are off to a family compund to embark on a culinary adventure unlocking the secrets of authentic Balinese cooking, utilizing traditional ingredients and preparation methods in a fully equipped cfamily kitchen. You will learn how to pick fresh herbs and spices, crisp vegetables, and choice cuts of meat before creating your very own delicious authentic Balinese dishes. After class, enjoy the meal with laughter and conversation with your new Balinese friends.

After your cooking class lunch, it time to head to our next location to work off those calories at a special Balinesen dance class designed just for BGT. Learn to understanding Balinese culure through dance which strives to help you find your center and balance in your life. Fun and educational! Head back to the hotel for dinner before meeting the the ladies for drinks at a nearby bar with an amazing view. Do not forget to pack you bags beore heading out.

Nusa Dua

Monday, June 5th - Aftr breakfast we checkout the hotel and head to Nusa Dua. Thanks again to BGT's Founder Fleace Weaver for traveling the world, making new contacts, and spreading the word about introducing the world to the beauty of African-American female travelers, you will spend your next four days in Bali in the private resort community of Nusa Dua. Nusa Dua is an exclusive enclave set within a tropical environment, reputed as having the most lavish beaches in Bali. Yeah, we got it like that

Today you will visit the sacred Monkey Forest. Imagine strolling through a lush, green forest engulfed in a sea of leafy tree branches hanging low to the ground. You can hear water gushing in the distance, and the air smells sweet of exotic flowers. As you round a corner, you are suddenly standing in an open space, but you are not alone. Around you, there will be monkeys sitting on the pavement, swinging from trees, perching on rocks, and zipping around. Balinese Hinduism sees monkeys as an embodiment of both positive and negative forces. A monkey stealing a farmer's harvest would be considered a negative force, for example. But monkey troops inhabiting sacred forests and Balinese Hindu temple sites are thought to protect these sites from evil spirits and thus are respected and cared for by all. You can buy bananas to feed them. Beware, the monkeys believe all food within eyesight belongs to THEM, including your water bottle, Yep ... GANGSTER sacred monkeys! lol.

From here we travel to Tanah Lot, the Temple of Earth and Sea, and watch the breathtaking sunset beyond the black towers of this 16th-century temple built on a black lava rock 200 meters off shore. The dramatic setting draws crowds to these shores every evening, and at low tide, we can walk upon the rocky outcrop where the temple sits over the ocean. Watch a magnificent sunset before heading to your new hotel for check-in.

Tuesday, June 6th - It is time to detox and renew your body, mind, and spirit with an early morning yoga class by sea. Bali is know for its healing energies. People from around the world travel to Bali for yoga wellness reteats and visits to Balians (healers). Research show that yoga practice results in changes in gene expression that boost immunity at a cellular level. It also relieves insomnia, food cravings and even HANGOVERS. Yoga offers relief for everything from muscle strain to a broken (strained) heart. An extra bonus, it also improve sexual desire, arousal and performance. You may want wait to share those results for when you get home! LOL

After yoga and breakfast jump in your Land Cruiser for an unforgettable day trip through authentic Balinese villages and some of the most picturesque parts of Bali. Admire a hot mineral spring where Balinese have bathed for centuries. One of your stops will at a family farmhouse. Here you will learn why Balinese architectural concept have buildings positioned in a courtyard accordingly to the family temple. You will be taken for a short walk around the garden to discover some of the fruit and vegetables grown here: banana, mango, rambutan, salak, jackfruit, pineapple and tapioca, also look for vanilla, cloves, as well as coffee and cacao. Your vehicle climbs to over 900 meters and you are above the rice bowl of Jatiluwih. The mountain air is cooler and the scenery becomes different. You are now entering the rain forest where giant bamboos and fern trees abound. Sacred mount Batukaru reveals its splendor and a short stroll lead you to a rainforest. aste the famous Bali Mountain Coffee but the Cognac remains French though ! Small shrines to the devinities that inhabit the rainforest of the sacred mount Batukaru, pure spring water running in the suspended bamboo, but most of all tremendous quietness and a great sense of peace; you are in THE SECRET SOUL OF BALI.

Learn to make "canang", the most important element of Balinese temple offerings before a picnic stop for some small bites. Next stop is a trip high into the mountains through the UNESCO recognized rice terraces of Jatiluwih, followed by a sumptuous Balinese lunch served in a rainforest restaurant surrounded by giant bamboo. Enjoy a glass of wine, beer, tea or Balinese coffee in the glorious open-air canopy. You can try to play one of Bali's traditional musical instruments the "rindik" or just leave it to the expert and simply enjoy the music. After lunch, you will visit Batukaru Temple, a unique sacred mountain sanctuary and royal temple of the Tabanan dynasty. It was founded in the 11th century by Empu Kuturan, a great Hindu Sage, who established six main temples on the island of Bali. Here you can pray with the "canang" that you made as an offering to the Gods.

Next you will visit the UNESCO Heritage site, Mengwi "Taman Ayunx", also known as the "Garden Temple in the Water". Taman Ayun Temple is a royal temple of Mengwi Empire located in Mengwi, Badung. Being one of the seven royal temples in Bali, the imposing complex stands on an island and consists of two courts and a walled inner temple that is closed to non-HindusReturn to the hotel and the evening is yours.


Wednesday, June 7th - After morning yoga and breafast, time to head to the bottom of the ocean. No swimming skills required! You will walk right on the bottom of the ocean (about 15 feet) with special breathing helments that also keeps your hair from getting wet. Black women in the water and no wet hair...YES! Witness up close the sea life of all kinds swimming around you. You will be accompanied with well trained Sea Walker instructors at all times under water.

Thursay, June 8th - Today is your free day to explore Bali at your own pace or just relax on the beach or hotel poolside.

If you are looking for another Eat Pray Love moment, we suggest booking an appointment with a Balian or healer. Our guide will give suggestions on where to go based on your needs. Think Ketut in the movie. YES, he is rea! Learn more here.

Bali/USA or Hong Kong

Friday, June 9th - After breakfast head to the airport for your departure to te Uniteed States or continual on for three night in Hong Kong.

As with all travel international travel local changes sometimes happen that can effect plans. We reserve the right to make changes in the itinerary including dates, if necessary due to weather conditions and/or other factors beyond our control or to enhance your travel experience.

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