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Traveling Europe by Train

To There are many ways to travel. Flying gets you to Europe, but boarding a plane would be a rather expensive and impractical way to get around once there, considering how close the countries are to one another. Traveling by car, you miss a lot. And it's expensive: gasoline is much more pricey in Europe than in the United States--not to mention the rental car insurance.

Leave the Driving to Them
Europe by rail, on the other hand, is the ideal way to travel. It's safe, fast, reliable and affordable. The choices are extensive. You can purchase a Eurail pass and take a comprehensive tour of all 17 countries on the rail network. For some, that's the ultimate train travel experience.

If you just want to visit a few countries, you might opt for the more selective Europass, or even a single-country pass. Seeing Europe by rail means that while you're not the one driving, you're definitely in the driver's seat! That's what a Eurail Pass can do for you.

You'll learn a whole new lexicon, traveling Europe by rail. A "rail day," for instance, runs from midnight to midnight---unless you board an overnight train after 7 p.m. Then you enter on the next day's pass. If you have an adventurous spirit, riding the rails throughout Europe could be your journey of a lifetime.

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