Fleace (Fee lee che) Weaver of BlackGirlTravel.com &

Bella Italia 2011 the 6th annual all female Italian getaway
was a MAJOR success thanks to
the vision of Ms Weaver and the 77 incredible women
that traveled with her to Italy!

Check out the videos and testimonials below
to see why over 200 Black women in the past 6 years
have travel with BlackGirlTravel.com to Italy with us!

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These are not your grandmother's tours!

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Bella Italia 2011
Video #1

Rome By Night
67 Beautiful Black women zooming
around rome on the back of Vespas.

Bellas Rockin'
Stilettos on Cobblestone
in Rome During a Stop on the Vepsa tour.

Bellas Pimpin' on Our Segways

Bella Devonne & Bella LaTonya's


Boat ride to the Blue Grotto
on the Isle of Capri

Bella Keta & Bella Tracey's

Cooking class at a Private Villa

Bella Kyra's Testimonial


Partying 2nd Night in Rome Until 4am


Bella Keta on African American
Women in Italy

Wine tasting with Uncle Charlie,
during cooking class

Bellas Teaching the Italians
the Wobble our 1st night in Rome

Emanuela of the
Italian Government Tourism Board at
the Bella Italia Rush Party in Los Angeles

2009 Bellas in Rome

2010 Bellas in Naples

2011 Bellas & the NOI Boys in Rome


Some of the Comments Received:


Khristine Gordon:  I just wanted to thank you for putting this trip together. I had an amazing time and enjoyed every single minute. Thank you for all ur hard work and planning. I might not have made it to Italy if it were not for you. You are really appriciated keep doing what you do!


Denise Mathis: Thank you for a wonderful adventure. I truly appreciate all your hard work on orchestrating a wonderful trip for 70+ women. Where else could we have met so many amazing, beautiful, intelligent women of color.


Bernadette Fre: Thank you Fleace for such a memorable trip. I am inspired to by you all to do more and be more. Grazie


Cindy Byrd: I had a wonderful experience in Italy, this trip has changed my life. Now I have the international traveling bug


Tamara Castillo:  Thank you again for such an awesome opportunity. I had an amazing time with you and the bellas and your tour showed me things in Italy that I would have never been able to experience from this angle on my own. You are an inspiration with your energy and drive all with complete class.


Satrice Morris:  I can't stop talking about my amazing trip to Italy. I've told everyone at work, the hair salon, bank, and grocery store. Frankly, anyone who will listen hears about my life changing experience.


Stacey Weston-Azim:  Want to let you know just how WONDERFUL the experience traveling with you and the other 76 Bellas was for me. I had no sisters growing up and ALWAYS asked for a sister for Christmas, with no luck!! Ha, ha! But what God has showed me later in life is that sisterhood does not have to be through parental blood; but through HIS blood. God has blessed me with so many wonderful women/sistas in my life. Your trip just added to this sistahood. My fellow Bellas are just beautiful and your leadership is awesome! Words just cannot express my feelings of thanks and admiration. Your vision & works are great! I pray I am blessed to travel with you again; but if not so physically know I am with you spiritually supporting your vision and every step! Much love being sent to you and all the other Bellas!


Natalie Foster: I had a wonderful time in Italy as I'm sure everyone did. It was truly a great experience.


Latonya R Moore:  Fleace thank you so much for the best vacation that I have EVER had! Italy was unbelievable! I am looking forward to traveling with Black Girl Travel again! Everything was awesome: the sisterhood, the tours, the food, the hotels, the shopping, etc, etc. Peace and Blessings to you and all of the Bellas


Bella Keta:  Fleace, the true measure of a person in life is what they do for others. Your legacy will live on through the lives of all that have been impacted by your tours. I pray that there are many more tours left in you and that Black Girl Travel continues to grow! Many Thanks for an amazing time My Sistah!! See You next time around!


Latrese Williams:  Fleace, you are amazing. Thank you for a spectacular experience! I felt like Beyonce everywhere I went. The men really seemed to adore us. Men were pulling over in the streets just to ask me out. It was hard to come back to the States and be ignored again.


Dalisia McGee:  For years I have wanted to travel abroad to Europe and didn't know how and not any of my friends wanted to go. Along came Blackgirltravel and I was won over. I highly recommend this tour to any ladies that want to experience Italy. Thank you for the experience, friendship and sisterhood. This is not ur grandma tour. Bella Bootcamp!


Porsche S. Slocum:  WHAT. AN. EXPERIENCE. I truly had the time of my life and I am so inspired, motivated and encouraged by the conversations I had, the people I encountered and the dynamic moments I had the privilege of being introduced to. Expectations were exceeded and dreams were certainly fulfilled. It was such a pleasure to meet such amazing women. You ladies rock! Fleace, you are Superwoman. I couldn't imagine my first trip to Italy happening any other way (We must chat!). Now the hard part: trying to decide which BlackGirlTravel.com tour I should go on next!


Irene Covington:  Fleace is most definitely a superwoman! I had the most fabulous time of my life! It was great meeting you and all the fabulous Bellas....Looking forward to seeing many more great spots with you!


Nelda Thomas:  God gives us all talents; thank God He gave Queen Fleace the talent of being a fierce businesswoman! Thank you Fleace for a trip of a lifetime. I will forever remember my time in Italy and Spain!


Chrystal Brannon:  Fleace, I just wanted to thank you again so much for being such a kind generous and fund-loving lady! I appreciate everything and every experience I was able to share with you and all the other amazing Bellas. God Bless!


Viviane Jean Louis:  Thank You Fleace for making this THE best trip ever! I know at times it seemed difficult having to juggle schedules, events and 77 women but although we may not all have said it to you... everyone one of us were affected by this trip. Thanks for having your vision and making it come true!! Can't wait to join you for your next trip! :-)


Sonja Hayden: My best trip ever!...It was a pleasure meeting you and I thank you for the opportunity to be able to travel with other sisters, meet new friends, and just have a good time with your vision...I came in last and almost didnt make it on the tour...WOW, what a good time I would have missed...I look forward to more trips with the Bellas...May God continue to bless you, strengthen you, and grow your vision.Thank You Fleace :-)


Brandy Hudson:  Thank you Fleace for organizing a wonderful trip. I had the best time of my life and I can't wait to join you on the next adventure


Glenda Lewis:  Thank you for the experience. Never thought I could pack under 30 pounds for 10 days. I will never forget this trip and wonderful women I met. :-)


LaKay Johnson:  Fleace, Bella Italia was an amazing experience!! Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to connect with other like- minded women who also share a love and thirst for traveling. Designing a tour that highlights the history and beauty of such an amazing country is no easy task. It's not often that I describe a trip as "life changing" but I must say, this experience has definitely given me a new perspective on living. This trip was has really changed my mind about a lot of things. Just experiencing how other cultures view black women has giving me a little extra pep in my step. I find myself looking at myself in the mirror now and instead of criticizing, I am loving and embracing me...And I know Italy was just the beginning. I am forever grateful to you and I look forward to many more tours in the future.


Nicole Spicer:  Dear Fleace, I doubt if I'll truly find the adequate words to describe what an incredible impact that this tour (Bella Italia 2011) has had on me personally. Not only will I have fond memories, hilarious stories, and countless photos to cherish for a lifetime, I've also ... Read the entire letter





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