Video #1

The Soweto Wobble
FlyGirls having fun while at lunch in Soweto and proving that you can Wobble to any type of music including African jazz.

Don't Answer That Phone!
Why you should not bring a mobile phone into the jungle!
FlyGirls were "standing" just a few feet away from a cheetah when one of their cell phones ring (voice you hear). Everyone froze in panic!

Jeep Whispers
Turn your speakers up to listen to the hilarious discussion

FlyGirls Mia, Toya and Modesti's

FlyGirls Dana, Vernell, Kamisha and Ninia's
departure testimonials
Can you believe they just met 10 days earlier!

FlyGirl FlyGirls Zoe and Calvina's

FlyGirls Tarah and Veronica' testimonials.
Watch for the wild "pigeons" that walk by at 1:29 (lol). Sorry for the dark lighting in the beginning, the camera was being a bit temperamental.


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